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A Guide To HOA Board Responsibilities

A Guide To HOA Board Responsibilities

Serving on the board of a homeowner association is a high calling. Well meaning volunteers are elected to roles that are critical to the well being of the HOA. But what exactly is a board member supposed to do to fulfill this charge? Here’s a handy guide:

Officer Responsibilities


  • Prepares meeting agenda
  • Presides at all board, annual and special meetings
  • Appoints and supervises all committees
  • Supervises the manager
  • Trains directors for future leadership positions
  • Sets positive example

Vice President:

  • Keep current on HOA business
  • Fills in for president when necessary
  • In training for future presidency (only a “heartbeat” away)


  • Records minutes at all meetings
  • Maintains book of minutes and resolutions
  • Posts meeting notices
  • Attests to the authenticity of corporate documents
  • Certifies all meeting notices and election results
  • Responsible for all official communications with members


  • Responsible for collection and expenditure of assessments
  • Reviews and summarizes financial statements
  • Approves/signs all checks
  • Monitors reserve investments
  • Monitors delinquencies

All Board Members:

  • Come to meetings prepared
  • Maintain a professional demeanor
  • Put personal agendas aside
  • Encourage participation
  • Be open and fair
  • Maintain confidentiality when appropriate

Use this handy checklist for board training and retraining purposes when the board gets off-track.

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Source: Realty Times

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