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Building an Emergency Fund to Cover Unexpected Home Repairs

With homeownership comes new responsibilities, including repair and maintenance expenses. Sooner or later, you’ll encounter a leaky faucet or a blown circuit breaker and quickly learn that keeping your household up and running is no longer as simple as a call to the landlord. Deciding how much money to spend on fixing or replacing something […]

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Home Inspectors Are Held To Higher Standards

A California appellate court ruling contains both good news and bad news for home inspectors. The good news is that, in the eyes of the court, home inspectors are in the same category as doctors, attorneys, accountants, and other professionals. The bad news is that being in such a category restricts their ability to limit […]

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9 Ways to Eliminate Congestion In The Kitchen

Rubbing elbows with chefs isn’t always a boon. Consider circulation pathways for a kitchen that lets everyone work in comfort When it comes to designing your dream kitchen, it’s tempting to try to squeeze in all of the latest and greatest appliances and gadgets – and enough cabinetry to contain them all. But unless you […]

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Living In A Post-Harvey Houston: Lessons We Can Learn

This morning, the Navy, the Coast Guard, and the Sherriff’s Department, among others, were using helicopters to conduct air rescues of people and pets that remain trapped in waterlogged Houston, swooping in to pluck them off of rooftops in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. This, while numerous government agencies, rescue groups, and good Samaritans continue […]

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4 Tried and True Downsizing Tips for Your Next Move

For many people, the prospect of downsizing from a larger home to a smaller one can be quite the challenge. Sorting through possessions takes time. It can be emotionally taxing. It can be liberating. We asked Houzz readers to share their best downsizing advice, and share they did. We gathered some of the best tips […]

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The New IKEA Catalogue Is Here

Back to school isn’t the most exciting thing happening in August. It pales in comparison to another, much more important event: the release of the new IKEA catalogue. Praise, Sweden, it’s here. And that means it’s time for us scour the book for all the things we’ll need to go buy in the coming weeks. […]

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